To Be Us

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Hemen Al


Sepete At

Tedarik Süresi 3 İş Günüdür.
: 9786057110305
Basım Tar.
: 2021
Baskı No
: 1
Basım Yeri
: Türkiye
Syf Sayısı
: 96
Kağıt Tipi
: 2. Hamur
: 96.00 gr
: Ciltsiz
: 13.50 cm x 19.50 cm
Kitap No
: 774830

It is our behavior, our words and our uniting character that make us who we are. However, these are not enough alone. To be us comes from being whole with the land we were born, the family we grew up in, and the friends with whom we share our happiness, we become a whole by braving all diculties, crying around the same table and laughing at small things when the time comes. In this book, you will find that happiness does not last forever, but you can find ways to stay happy. Muhterem NUR; Muslim was very jealous but would not show his jealousy. I know that, I didn't do anything to make him jealous. Do not behave in a way that would make each other jealous. Hülya Koçyiğit; The secret to a happy marriage; To accept the spouse as she/he is and to respect her/his personality, upbringing, habits and opinion. Kezban Hatemi; Marriage is based on love, respect, trust and loyalty that spouses feel towards each other.

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